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Things to DO in Tuscany

So you've probably read up on all the things there are to SEE in Tuscany but how about the things to DO? A vacation in Tuscany offers so very much, from the experience of standing below Renaissance palaces, impressive monuments and Romanesque churches built hundreds and hundreds of years ago to the wonderment of seeing in person masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo and many other greats.

But after you've been to a few museums and admiring the works of art, it all sort of starts to look the same, right? We've been there, too, so we know how it can be! We suggest you read about and consider including a few other activities in addition to sightseeing that will make your holiday in Tuscany memorable!

How about renting a bike and exploring the hills and villages in Chianti? How about spending a morning learning about wines and tasting great Tuscan wines such as Brunello, Montepulciano, Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Chianti? How about spending a morning or afternoon in the kitchen, learning a few select, choice Tuscan recipes that you can enjoy immediately thereafter? How about exploring the Tuscan countryside on foot on a day hike? We have these and many more suggestions so keep on reading!

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Which are the best tours for Summer Vacations in Tuscany?

Summer vacation in Tuscany is the moment to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the fresh air & outdoor activities. With so many different types of organized tours on the market, how do you navigate the offers to find the best one for you? Check out our list of top summer tours in Tuscany.

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Flying over the skies of the Val d'Orcia on a Hot Air Balloon

Have you ever dreamed of flying in a hot air balloon? Not yet?! Neither did we until we tried it over the skies of the Val d'Orcia with Ballooning in Tuscany! Very professional, well-organized and trained team, you will be very happy to see Tuscany from a unique point of view flying with them.

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Romantic Tuscany: Where Romance is Everywhere

Suggestions and places we recommend visiting for a perfect romantic holiday in Tuscany, even if everywhere you decide to go, you'll be finding breathtaking views and impressive landscapes. Tuscany, after all, is a "room with a view" everywhere you look!

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Top Summer Sagras in Tuscany

These summer "sagra" food festivals need to be on your to-do list when you visit Tuscany between June and August. Local festivals that highlight traditional recipes and dishes ranging from handmade pasta to a “bistecca” steak grilled Tuscan style.

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A day of relaxation at Asmana Wellness World

Head to the Asmana Wellness World for a day of pampering yourself and your partner with water whirlpools, massages, saunas and steam baths and massages, resting and recharging your body and soul.

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Top 5 Summer Activities in Tuscany

Travelling Tuscany in Summer is loaded with fun activities - some of which are best enjoyed only in the months of June, July & August. Outdoor concerts and food festivals make the top of our list.  Read more to find out what else we suggest.

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Wine Tasting in Tuscany

A visit in Tuscany must include a close encounter with its flavors, fragrances and culinary culture, especially wine tasting & visits to the many diverse vineyards. Covering the areas of Chianti Classico, Chianti, Orcia DOC, the wines of Brunello and Vino Nobile, the DiscoverTuscany team has put together some useful info & do-it-yourself itineraries.

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Via Francigena: Follow the Medieval Pilgrimage Route to Rome

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime! Follow the footsteps of medieval pilgrims as they made their way from as far as Canterbury passing through the hills and valleys of Tuscany in search of plenary indulgence from the Pope and God in Rome.

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Tuscan Cooking Lessons with Kitchen Chez Nous

Learn how to cook Tuscan and Italian dishes with Ginny and Fiamma directly at your holiday rental! They come with everything you need wherever you are in Tuscany and in Rome: no need to worry about finding a class near you or go somewhere else. We interviewed them to learn more about what they offer, read on to see whether they'd be perfect for you!

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Saturnia and its Thermal Baths

Saturnia is a beautiful town in Maremma famous for its thermal baths, the sulphurous waters well-known for their therapeutic properties. In addition to the spa centers, the outdoor waterfalls are freely available to the public.

Discover Saturnia

Chianti: Wine tasting Ideas

Get your glasses ready for the heady perfume of Chianti Classico!  Check out our recommendations for where to go and taste a wide range of variety of wines, tour historic cantinas and have a lot of fun!

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Viticcio: The Passion Behind a Chianti Classico Vineyard

Excellent wines start from the ground up! A visit to the Viticcio vineyards, within walking distance of Greve in Chianti, will charm you with their family run operation and tease your taste buds with their award winning vintages. Read and then book your wine tasting tour.

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A Quick Visit to Lucca: What to See in 1 Day

If you want to visit Lucca and don't have enough time to explore the whole city, have a look at these syuggestions for a 1 day itinerary around Lucca to visit its most popular attractions!

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An itinerary for an entire day in Pisa

An itinerary to discover Pisa and its marvellous artistic attractions: visit the Square of Miracles with its Leaning Tower and take a walk along the famous Lungarni, rich in shops and restaurants where you may taste typical local recipes. This visit to the enchanting marittime Republic will take you back in time and make you breathe a timeless atmosphere!

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Siena's Cathedral - The Duomo in Siena

Siena's Gothic cathedral is full of treasures, including its marble pavement, Piccolomini library frescoes and incredibly ornate interiors. We highly recommend a visit into this wonder of Siena's past!

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Top Beaches in Tuscany

Looking to spend a day or a few at the beach in Tuscany? Here are some suggestions and tips to help you decide in which direction to head.

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Duomo of San Gimignano

No matter how short your visit in San Gimignano might be, you must visit the cathedral to admire the marvelous cycle of frescoes that recount stories from the New and Old Testaments painted by illustrious artists of the 14th-century Sienese school and the extraordinary Renaissance jewel, the Chapel of Santa Fina. Then head to the Museum of Sacred Art next door to admire the exquisite "Madonna of the Rose".

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The Ultimate Chianti Wine Experience at La Lastra

The winery & olive groves of the organic farm La Lastra are within walking distance of the heart of Siena. Here, that you can indulge in the ultimate wine experience: tour the vineyards, then the wine cellar before indulging in a guided tasting of their organic wines before ending with a homemade Tuscan lunch. An interesting and fun experience to learn about life on a Tuscan wine estate.

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Steam Engine Trains in Tuscany

Discover Tuscany by traveling slowly on old steam engine trains. Visit Mugello and Valdorcia on board one of these romantic and historic forms of transportation.

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Hunting for Sunflowers in Tuscany in 2019

What can compare to whizzing around a curve in the countryside and be presented with a happy yellow field of sunflowers? Certainly half the fun of the hunt is exploring the lovely landscapes but we are going to try give you a few useful pointers.

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Your Itinerary in the Maremma

Planning to spend time in the Maremma?  Here are some highlights that should be on your list of "must-sees"while exploring including the best seaside and beaches, the picturesque villages and its culinary traditions.

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Exploring Monte Amiata

Monte Amiata, the highest mountain in the south of Tuscany, offers activities year-round as well as a wonderful view over the Val d'Orcia from its peak.

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Top 5 Activities in Tuscany this Fall

Tuscany is unique and special in the months of September, October and November.  This is the time to enjoy discovering Autumn flavors, colors and activities with the crisp temps, shorter days and the harvest of a prosperous summer.  Read our suggestions of things to do while in Tuscany during the months of fall.

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Harvesting the Grapes with Friends

Part of what charms everyone about Tuscany are the traditions.  The vendemmia, or grape harvest, is one tradition that has been romantizied about in films, books and photos.  One of the best ways to participate is to find yourself in the countryside in mid to late September in one of the many agritourims or B&B in Tuscany.

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Top 5 things to do in Spring in Tuscany

If you're planning a trip to Tuscany during Spring time, you'll find in this article our top five things to do: tips for appreciating the best of this region and enjoying this time of year, one of the best for travelling to Tuscany.

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Top 5 Winter Activities in Tuscany

Don’t let those winter temps dissuade you from enjoying the best of Tuscany. Here are 5 activities which are sure to brighten up your holiday vacation during the chillier months of the year, letting you experience a special side of Tuscany.

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The Great Outdoors in Tuscany

Do you love wlking, hiking or cycling? How about sailing or golfing or just enjoying spending time surrounded by nature? Tuscany is the ideal destination for enjoying time outdoors. Wondering where to go if you love to hike and when? Then start by reading this!

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Christmas in Tuscany: What to See & Where to Go

Have no fear, Christmas and the holidays in Tuscany are filled with lots of fun activities, events, concerts and food festivals. Continue reading to find how to best navigate the many holiday calendars, Christmas markets, and New Year's Eve events all over Tuscany.

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Villa Reale: Exploring the Royal Palace outside Lucca

Discover the amazing detail of the Villa Reale and its beautiful gardens in the countryside outside Lucca. Check out our mini-guide to exploring the highlights of Villa Reale's green paradise.

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Don’t Miss these Snow-y Ideas in Tuscany

Planning an itinerary that includes the winter snow in Tuscany is easy when you have a ready-made list of the many activities open to snow-enthusiasts, both those with experience & those seeing it for the very first time.

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