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Enchanting Chianti: Vineyards, Small Towns and Fine Wine

The diverse and amazing panorama in Tuscany is distinguished with its diverse and scenic landscapes; perhaps the most famous being Chianti. Located in an area that encompasses Florence and Siena, Chianti is as varied in its scenery as it is in its wines. The many itineraries found through the soft rolling hills covered with rows and rows of grapes, quaint hamlets, low lying forests and picturesque accommodations situated in stone farmhouses, romantic bed and breakfasts and luxurious villas have inspired poets, artists, photographers and travelers for centuries.

Our comprehensive guide to Chianti

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Get the Insider Scoop about Chianti

The dedicated site is built on the experiences of our team of local experts to help you navigate the many different zones in Chianti, offering you insider information about the weather and detailed maps with directions on how to move around. The land of Chianti is dotted with typical little Tuscan towns which will inspire your imagination and offer you the warm hospitality characteristic of Chianti. Towns like Greve in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti, Radda in Chianti and smaller borgos like San Gusmè and San Donato in Poggio are full of history, traditions and delicious variations of their own special brand of Chianti wine.

Not Just Wine

The origins of Chianti and its small towns is undeniably combined with that of the Etruscans, Romans, and the expanding populations of the two historic cities of Siena and Florence which often fought over this area. Follow one of our suggested itineraries to discover where to find the  Etruscan tombs in Castellina in Chianti, search out the charming parish church of Sant’Appiano in Barberino val d’Elsa or the many fortresses built to protect the boundaries between Florence and Siena. And while exploring the landscape of Chianti, check out fun ideas for delicious and tantalizing wine tours.

Don’t Miss Out on the Best Part of Chianti

Of course, it is almost impossible to travel through Chianti without contemplating at least one or two opportunities to taste the many flavors that are cultivated in this area or take one of the many fun bike or walking guided tours or with your own personal driver. Many of the vineyards have created a place dedicated to wine tasting, where you can visit the “cantina” or wine cellars, the vineyards and the production of the famous Chianti Classico.  Chianti isn’t just about the wine, we look forward to helping you choose from an extensive list of things to do and discover in Chianti such as the prized meats from Macelleria Cecchini and Falorni, the cheeses, honey and special local dishes, such as the peposo or spaghetti al vino rosso. Can’t find what you are looking? Then ask us on our Forum!

Start planning your adventure in Chianti by reading the articles below!

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Chianti Accommodation

Would you like a farmhouse with a pool? To be in a small village with train/bus connections to not have to drive? A luxury resort or a country farmhouse full of rustic Tuscan charm? There is something for everyone, take a look!

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What to Do in Chianti

If you're wondering what to do in Chianti besides visiting wine estates or wine tasting, look no further! We have suggestions as to what else to try to do while in Chianti (do consider wine tasting is a must, however!)

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Wine Tasting in Chianti

Do we really need to say that if you're in the wine region of Chianti, you should do some wine tastings? Thought not, but how, you ask? DIY? What if you don't want to drive? How about joining a tour or getting a private driver? Check our suggestions for planning a wine-based itinerary & wine tastings in the Chianti wine region.

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Itineraries in Chianti

Lots of ways to explore Tuscany, whether you have a day or more and can go off one day to do wine tastings, another to wander around the hilltop villages, another to mix great food and wine with art and history.

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Chianti Tours

Join a guided tour to go wine tasting - no need to worry about driving after! Or a cycling tour, to have the bike and assistance as you need it. Don't want to drive? Then join a tour! Lots of various tours and options to see the best of Chianti, without worrying about the how.

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Castellina in Chianti

A must-stop in your drive across Chianti, Castellina offers an enchanting walk below the city walls, an archeological museum, restaurants and wine shops, as well as an Etruscan tomb right by the entrance to town (make sure to go exploring).

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Greve in Chianti

Greve in Chianti is often considered the front door into the Chianti region since it is the first major town you reach as you head south of Florence towards Siena.

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Radda in Chianti

A beautiful small charming hilltop village in Chianti, it is at the heart of the Chianti Classico wine region. A must visit if you love wine and all that goes with it!

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Chianti Tourist Info

Useful practical information and tips to help you plan your holidays in Chianti.

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Barberino Val D'Elsa

A beautiful medieval village along the Via Cassia, Barberino Val d'Elsa is often overlooked but we suggest you stop to take in the breathtaking view of the Val d'Elsa and then stroll through the small city center, taking in the sense that time stopped here a long time ago.

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San Donato in Poggio

A small, charming medieval hamlet near the Firenze-Siena road, San Donato offers great views of the surrounding countryside and a walled town that belies its great importance in the 12th-13th century when the main pilgrimage road passed through here.

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