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Via Francigena: Slow Travel & Hiking in Tuscany

Be it a spiritual journey or a pleasure trip to be enjoyed at a slow pace, the trails and paths of the via Francigena offer a truly unique and gratifying way to visit Tuscany, its landscape, its culture and its people while giving space to satisfying your personal goals. There are over 300 km of trails winding from the northern point of Pontremoli, towards the picturesque town of Lucca. Once only traveled by foot or horse, the options now include biking and even by car, since there a few areas where road travel has been mapped out.

This historic journey follows the hills and valleys, picturesque hamlets and mostly churches, through some of the most famous scenery of Tuscany, passing by towns with a long and rich history such as San Miniato, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Siena and Radicofani. However, for those looking to enjoy some of the points of interest off the beaten track, there are many to be found including little towns like Gambassi Terme, with its thermal waters. In the true sense of these roads, which were never just one but several leading in the same direction, therefore following one of the many side roads you can take time to visit places like Poggibonsi with its Imperial Fortress or Bagno Vignoni and its roman pools.

The leisurely pace, which is all up to you, allows for the opportunity to appreciate a timeless vista - the very same one that the medieval pilgrims gazed upon over a thousand years ago. Stop and visit the same abbey and spedales that welcomed the weary traveller and explore the same castles and roccas that offered them protection and comfort on this long endeavour.

As the Discover Tuscany team follows in their footsteps, we will add our experiences, suggestions and photos in the space below. We are always available for questions and inquiries at our FORUM about where to go, how to get there and where to stay.

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